With the HPTDC8-PCI the next generation of time-to-digital converter cards is available. With a binsize of 25 ps and a typical deadtime of <5 ns between multiple hits on one channel it is perfectly suitable for use in many high resolution applications in basic research like time-of-flight spectroscopy, imaging using delayline techniques and LIDAR.


  • 8 NIM compatible inputs on LEMO connectors with 25 ps bin size
  • 1 NIM compatible input on LEMO connector with 12.8 ns bin size
  • 12 LVCMOS inputs on 26 pin ribbon connector with 12.8 ns bin size
  • typical deadtime between multiple hits on one channel <5 ns
  • unlimited number of hits per trigger
  • no dead time due to readout, new data is acquired during readout
  • 4 MHits/s readout rate
  • 419 µs range w. trigger logic enabled
  • 2 h range without trigger logic, can be extended by software
  • adjustable trigger window (size, position of trigger) incl. common start and common stop mode
  • easy to use windows driver
  • on board storage for calibration data
  • support for up to three event-synchronized boards
  • 5 V, 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI bus master