PCIe-over-cable expansion box with front access

PCI to PCIe adapter and expansion box shown with PCI express cable and host board With the Ndigo Crate it is possible to use up to 8 PCIe boards with a PC. The connection of the external chassis to the PC happens over PCIe 2.0 x16 for a full duplex bandwidth of 2x 8 GByte/s.

The enclosure was specifically designed to operate multiple synchronized cronologic digitizer boards to create a high speed data acquisition system. It can also be used to house other DAQ cards, GPUs for high performance computing, storage adapters or networking equipment.

The extension is fully transparent. The operating system can't distinguish between boards in the PCIe expansion box and boards inside the PC itself. No drivers are required.

The slot covers are on the front side of the enclosure to easily see status information and plug in cables during operation.

The crate is delivered as a set with cable and low profile PC link board.

Crate-3 and Crate-5 can be used as PCIe to PCI adapter in addition to five PCIe slots.

Facts Crate Crate-3 Crate-5
Connection to Host PCIe 2.0 x16 PCIe 3.0 x16
Bandwidth to Host 8 GByte/s
Performace relative to 10 Gbps Thunderbolt link 8x
PCIe2 16x slots with 8 lanes 2
PCIe2 16x slots with 4 lanes 8 3
PCI slots 5 V, 32 Bit, 33 MHz 2
PCI slots 3 V, 32 Bit, 66 MHz 2
Availability now
Cable and link boards included
Cable Length 3 meters (1 m, 2 m and 5 m upon request)
Price 3850 €