Time Taggers: low cost, mid resolution Time-to-Digital Converters - now available!

Cronologic presents a new series of low cost, mid resolution time-to-digital converters.

Two new board are available featuring 500ps to 1ns single shot resolution at highest data bandwidths.

Time Taggers are ideally suitable in applications that do not require highest single shot timing resolution, but high data acquisition rates and lowest multiple hit deadtime. These include certain types of mass spectroscopy, time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and frequency counting applications.

Facts TimeTagger4-1G TimeTagger4-2G
Channels 4 mid resolution NIM AC coupled
4 mid resolution NIM AC coupled
Connectors 5x LEMO 00
5x LEMO 00
Bin Size 1 ns
500 ps
Double Pulse Resolution 2 ns 1 ns
Multihit 1000x per start event 1000x per start event
Dead Time Between Groups none none
Readout Rate 48 MHits/s 48 MHits/s
Range 8 ms, 2.147 s extended 8 ms, 2.147 s extended
Common start/stop yes/no yes/no
PCI PCIe x1, bus master PCIe x1, bus master
Time Base 50ppb on board 50ppb on board
Additional features low cost low cost