Time Measurement

Image of time to digital converter clock source cronologic offers a diverse portfolio of time measurement solutions:

Dedicated time-to-digital converters (TDC) with ultra high single shot resolution down to 13 ps, as well, as high speed flash ADC boards with hardware preprocessing for pulse signals are available.

A low cost series of time taggers is available for applications that do not require ultra precise single shot timing resolution.

All product lines can be used as frequency counters, time interval analyzers (TIA) and for single photon counting.

If not stated otherwise all inputs support -0,8V NIM/CAMAC signals

Facts TimeTagger4 HPTDC xTDC4 xHPTDC8 Ndigo5G
TDC channels @binsize
4 @500ps
8 @25ps
1 @12.8ns
1 start
4 stop @13ps
8 @13ps 4 @15ps
1 @40ps
1 @3.2ns
Additional Inputs 12 CMOS @12.8ns slow ADC timing and pulse height via ADC pulse analysis in software
Connectors 5x LEMO00
10x LEMO00
1x 26 pin ribbon
5x LEMO00 10x LEMO00 6x LEMO00
Bin Size 500 ps
25 ps highres
12.8 ns lowres
13 ps highres
13 ps highres
10 ps highres
3.2 ns lowres
Double Pulse Resolution 1 ns <5 ns typical 4 ns 4 ns <1 ns
Multihit 1000x per start event unlimited 15 unlimited unlimited
Dead Time Between Groups none none parameter dependent none none
Readout Rate 48 MHits/s 4 MHits/s 48 MHits/s 48 MHits/s 20 MHits/s
Range 8ms 419 µs with trigger logic
2 h untriggered (extendable)
218 µs default,
14 ms extended
unlimited 106 d
Common start/stop yes/no yes/yes yes/no yes/yes yes/yes
Number of boards that can be event-synchronized none 3 none 8 8
PCI PCIe x1, bus master 5V, 32-bit, 33 MHz, bus master, PCI 2.2
PCIe x1, bus master PCIe x1, bus master PCIe x4, bus master
Time Base 50 ppb on board 1 ppm on board or external 78.125 MHz clock 50 ppb on board 50 ppb on board 50ppb on board or external 10 MHz clock
Availability now obsolete now soon now