Image of Ndigo250M-14 digitizer The Ndigo250M-14 is a high resolution digitizer board. Compared to the Ndigo5G it provides a higher vertical resolution of 14 bits at a reduced sample rate of 250 Msps.

On the fly thresholding and zero suppression allows for a dramatic data reduction and reduced CPU load for pulse processing applications like LIDAR, TOF spectrometers, PET scanners or other applications based on time of flight measurement.

Even without data reduction the 8 lane PCIe bus master interface provides enough bandwidth to stream two channels continously into main memory.

The Ndigo125M-14 is a lower cost alternative with only 125 Msps sample rate.


  • Simultanous sampling of 4 channels at 14 bits 250 Msps
  • Up to 450 MHz bandwidth
  • 4 DC coupled ADC inputs on LEMO 00 connectors
  • 2 digital inputs with programmable threshold for external triggers and gating
  • Interface to synchronize with multiple Ndigo125M, Ndigo250M, Ndigo5G, or HPTDC boards
  • Very flexible trigger condition
  • Continous sampling of two channels at full sample rate
  • No deadtime due to readout, new data is acquired during readout
  • Data reduction through on the fly pulse extraction
  • Easy to use Windows C API
  • On-board storage for calibration data
  • PCIe 1.1 x8 interface with 1.4 GB/s throughput