Ndigo5G-10 High Speed ADC Digitizer The Ndigo5G-10 is a PCIe based flash-ADC with sample rates up to 5 Gs/s and a resolution of 10 bits. With an onboard zero suppression and 800 Mb/s PCIe interface it allows for high data throughput in applications where pulses or pulse trains are supposed to be recorded. Multiple boards can be used in sync to increase the number of channels.

The Ndigo5G-10 was specifically designed for time of flight applications like LIDAR or TOF mass spectrometers. Depending on the pulse type resolutions down to 5 ps can be achieved.


  • 10 bits of sampling resolution
  • 4 channels with 1.25 Gs/s, 2 channel with 2.5 Gs/s or 1 channel with 5Gs/s selectable
  • Bandwidth 1 GHz
  • 4 AC-coupled inputs on LEMO connectors with 1 Vpp and programable DC-baseline
  • 1 NIM compatible trigger input on LEMO connector
  • 1 NIM compatible AUX input on LEMO connector for internal gate & delay logic.
  • Multiple cards can be operated in sync for larger channel counts
  • No deadtime due to readout, new data is acquired during readout
  • On-board storage for calibration data
  • Easy to use Windows C API
  • PCIe 1.1 x4 board