High Speed Digitizers

Ndigo5G-10 Digitizer Two high speed digitizer products are available from cronologic.

The 5 Gsps 10 bit Ndigo5G is designed for pulse processing applications just as LIDAR and TOF mass spectrometers. Its high PCIe throughput and on board pulse extraction greatly reduce CPU overhead in these applications.

All digitizers have an additional TDC channels for triggering. A synchronized system can use a mix of up to eight boards of either type plus up to three HPTDC8-PCI.

Additional Features

  • hardware pulse extraction
  • on board storage for calibration data
  • easy to use Windows C API
  • in system firmware update

Product selection table

Facts Ndigo5G-8
Channels 4 AC coupled ADC
1 gating channel
4 gating channels
Connectors 6x LEMO 00 10x LEMO 00
Sample Rate 1 channel 5000 Msps 6400 Msps
Sample Rate 4 channels 1250 Msps 1600 Msps
Resolution 8 bits
10 bits
12 bits
Maximum Bandwidth 950 MHz TBD
TDC bin size 40ps 12ps
Readout Rate 800 MByte/s approx. 6000 MByte/s
Number of boards that can be event-synchronized 8 8
PCI PCIe x4 PCIe3.0 x8
Time Base 50 ppb on board or external 10 MHz clock 50 ppb on board or external 10 MHz clock
availability now 2020-Q3