ATR-19 Amplification And Digitizing Unit

an 8 channel amplification and constant fraction discriminator (CFD) unit for The ATR-19 (available from RoentDek GmbH) is use with microchannel plate delayline detectors. It includes for each channel a non-inverting and an inverting input, an analog monitor output and NIM and ECL digital outputs.

The two inputs may be used simultaneously for differential amplification. The amplification gain, output's signal width and the CFD's threshold can be adjusted channelwise. The ATR-19 is available as a 19"/1HE-device for mounting in a standard 19"-rack.

Input Level -10V to +10V
Analog Bandwith 300MHz
Amplification Gain 1 to 50
Output Signal Levels Standard NIM (0V to -0.8V, single ended)
Standard ECL (-2.2V to +2.2V, differential)
Output Signal Width 15ns to 300ns
Power Supply 220V/AC or 110V/AC (selectable)
+6V, 1.2A / -6V, 2.5A (optional)
Dimensions 19" x 1HE x 250mm (460mm x 40mm x 250mm)
Weight 2.1kg (4.6lbs)